Naboisho Conservancy Day 2

What a night! Sleeping in a safari tent where you can hear all sounds of the bush is always a litte adventure, even after being on several safaris. But this night I woke up because my whole tent was shakimg. Finding my courage I got up and peept put of the tent, there were several buffalows around, one of them rubbing itself against my tent and shaking it heavily, not the perfect moment to go for a midnigt walk… .

The stories in the morning are anyway always interesting, one of the guys in our safari vehicle was scared to death when in the first night some warm fellow was waiting under his planket when he got to bed. Funny enough, it was just the warming bottle. However, an english lady had to wake up her sound asleep husband in the middle of the night exclaiming „there is something in our tent!“, well there were just some friendly giraffs paying a visit, ah ja, they were outside, but very close…Next night, I had this friendly visitors and even tried to take a picture in the pitch dark night.

After a beautiful sunrise the morning started slowly with some sleeepy lions of the Eneskiria Pride, only the cubs were wide awake and playing in the bushes.

Funny how manx hippos we’ve seen out of the water at daytime, very unusual…

OK, I admit, I love giraffs, they are my alltime favourits, therefore more giraff pics!

On rocks like these one can often find some lizzards taking a sunbath. Unfortunstely I never got a foto of a male of this read headed lizzard and the female is a bit dull in colour.

Bateleur Eagle
Don’t forget that not only the wildlife but also the landscape itself is stunning!
Looking at the harsh landscape one can start counting giraffs…

Not only the big but also the small animals are part of the safari adventure, like this feisty mongoose. They live in large goups and kind of never stay still.

After this all to short morning drive we unfortunately headed back to camp for breakfast. I personally prefer the breakfast in the bush, but some people wanted to enjoy the luxury of the camp. However, when our guide realised how sad and disapointed I was about the shortend drive, he offered me an additional drive. This is how Eagle View and his staff looks about their guests.

Said and done, the two of us headed our for a midday drive. Well, truth said, drives at midday are rarely exciting cuz of all the cats sleeping, but being alone on the vehicle gave me the possibility to also stop for the more common animals to take some fotos. Funny enough, you see a hunderts of impalas but hardly take any pics, but only one cheetah and you take 100 pics…Meaning, at the end of a safari you’ve loads of cat fotos but no gazells and I wanted to avoid this trap.

Thomson Gazelle
Giving it a good scratch
Very typical position by the way, showing me her bum…
And not, this is not a to big Thommy but a Grant Gazelle
Eland, the biggest antelope
After the biggest, here the smallest, a Dikdik
Male Impala
The striped fellows are zebras😂
Baby zebra and alteady painted black and white, very stilish
Gnus seeking shade under a tree
Female Ostrich
Flower of the sausage, fist time I’ve seen it.
A very common sight in the Mara, cows.

Hm, did I say something about not exciting?

Licking salt

Noooo, not exciting at all, how can one be so wrong, the elephants playing in the mud made my day, love it.

Ok, climbing over my big brother is fun….
But also exhauting…
Maybe not so much, trximg to get up…
Well, I can always play with my trunk…
Genug Schammbar, let’s walk off
Bye bye
This picture is so typical for Africa, I love it
Back in camp for Lunch
On the plauns under Eagle View gather often wildlife, in this caser 16 Giraffs
Ginnifall or just bush chicks
Another encoumter with the hyena and her 6 weeks old pups
Fleeing the safety of the den
Mum’s watching closely.
Female Egyptian Goose
Male Egyptian Goose
Giraffe in the sunset❤️

Actually right on time for our sundowner we stumbled over Olseki Pride, 15 lioness, 2 male and currently 8 cubs. Unfortunately the light was already fading, but the experience still great.

Playing with mama
Playing with papa

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