Naboisho Conservancy – Day 3

What shall I say, the bush keeps me awake at night. No, it wasn’t buffalows this night but when the alarm clock of my mobile went on I hardly couldn’t believe that the night was over already; and it wasn’t. My mobile phone was still soundly asleep, it was the snorting of an animal that woke me up. Unfortunately sounding exactly like my alarm clock it kept on snorting and therefore waking me all night long. What shall I say, it’s nature…

Instead of a sunrise pic I’ve got some hyenas feeding.

Carrying round his food
Breakfast time
Yep, defenetly breakfast time
Female buffalow
Male buffalow

Next sighting was the very active Ilkisiausiau Pride. They were in a hunting mood, what a sight!

Beautiful adult lioness
Coming out of the bush
Yes, just keep them comimg…
Subadult male
Going for a drink
Looking out for possible prey. The zebras unfortunately gave loud alarm shouts, therefore everyone within sight disapeard.
This wharthog being the only possible prey left
Starting to run, safe is safe…
Well, no breakfast then, passing our car they disapeared into the bush to nap during the hot time of the day.
Black faced monkey

Looking for a beautiful picknick spot for breakfast we thought, why not having it in the company of giraffs in this beautiful rocky place next toca small river bed.

Since there has been lots of rain recently the Mara is lush and green and full of different tiny flowers.

Impala female jumping over a river bed in order to flee a mating redy male. Poor male, if this guy has to chase every female in his herd like this it will be exhausting.

Heading back to camp for lunch we finally got to see the last of the ugly five, a Marabu Stork sitting in the middle of a bunch of Baboons just behind the staff quarters.

Just in case anyone thinks, it’s easy to take fotos of aniamls when there are so many around, believe me, it is not…

Yea, a herd of Zebras, but noone looking at me…
Zebras an Topi, but noone looking at me and the Zebras leg is cut off anyway…
Still noone looking at me…
Phu, not getting any better…
Moving around but to busy to grase to lift a head, let’s try some Eland.
Fotobomb by a topibum…
To quick, already half in hiding…
Patience pays off💪💪💪

What shall I say, the afternoon drive started off with a new couple on the vehicle. We were all glad not to get any chineese people but it almost immediately showed that indians can be annoying as well. The girl covered in a cloud of heavy sweet perfume and nonstop chatting without ever stopping caused me a headache. Unfortunately having only one night here they were also stressed out to see everything on just two game drives, caused our guide to try and fulfill their whishes only. Therefore, to make things easier we just drove the very same route as in the morning and also stopped at the very same places….It wasn’t a bad drive, just not Sekis best. Especially also with the extended leopard search also requested by the Indians what everyone else on the car wanted to avoid. Honestly, it’s absolutely great to see this elusive cat, but you must also be aware, that searching for a leopard steals you any chance to see anything else we all would have prefered to rive trough Cheetah land…Enough complained, let’s have a look at the sightings…

Can’t get enough of this big and gentle animals
Kind of a creepy smile
Checking out if the lions were in a hunting mood already bit the still looked rather sleepy

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