Naboisho Conservancy – Day 1

After an anruly night with lots of lion roarimg and hyena lauthing we started our game drive just bevor sunrise whilst the moon was still up.

First sighting oretty much just outside of the camp we stumbled over this pack of hyenas with about two weeks old puppies.

Who said, hyenas are not cute?

At the view of this massive male lion from Ilkisiausiau pride we new who was responsible for all the roaring at night time.

This jackal was bidding for his share as well, without success…
Not only the jackal was waiting for his share….

What a beautiful sighting of an elephant family.

Hi there
Three lionessest of the Soffir pride sitting in th high grass.

Nothing beats a hearty breakfast in the bush, this time we even had zebras as visitors, my first in this trip.

After breakfast we were on the way to see some giraffs closer when Seki, our guide, suddenly turned and found Selenky, this beautiful cheetah sitting on a hill. She was very skittish and seemed to be in a hunting mood. She started to walk, what elegant moves.

Unfortunately when this jackal showed up the hunt was soon over. Chances were probabely to high to loose the prey to this guy and once chased away from a pride a cheetah won’t go back to feed.

Some relaxing time at Eagle View after lunch.
Honey Bee Earter
This elephant scull has been liying here for about seven years

What a sighting in the late afternoon. Eneskiria pride with its four month old cubs feeding in a freshly hunted Gnu. Whished we were here half an hour earlier.

Messi eaters this lions…
Just thirsty or also washing her face?
All mine😂
Licking its lipps after finishing the meal
Stop, I wanna go first!
And playful…
And to cute to be true
Sundowner with our guide Seki

I a

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