Naboisho Conservancy – arrival day

Wenn me zum Kafi trinke mit de Mamma bis Kenia flüge mues, lohnt sichs uf jede Fall, au en kurze Zwüschetstop für e Safari izlegge. However, the strech could be done with an 8 hour flight unfortunately the pilot wasn’t keen to fulfill my desire for a direct flight from Zürich to the Mara. Meaning I had 4 hours time in Amsterdam to talk to strangers, a lady from Korea and a guy from Luxembourg, Markus would have been laughing, cuz I’m always chatting to strangers. And then 8 more on the flight to talk to an italian lady and another 3 at Wilson Airport with local people.

Byebye Zurich
Wenn im Duty Free Tulpen anstelle von Alkohol verkauft wird…
Waiting for the flight to the Mara @Wilson Airport

Arriving in Naboisho after a 20 hours trip feels like coming home. Already the short drive from the airstrip to the camp provided the first wildlife sightings.

Finally arrived at Basecamp Eagle View
View from my tent

Driving off after lunch we almost immediately stumbled over the 14 heads of Ilkisiausiau pride.

Afterwards also a Schakal, a Waterbuck and a Volture showed up.

Unfortunately the leopard was high up in a tree hiding

Not boring at all

The elephants with the calf and the stunning sunset were a highligt of a long day.

Sundowner with our guide Seki

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