Naboisho Conservancy – Day 3 on safari – Elephant fight and cats afternoon

Well, in the meantime I’ve already left the Mara and am just a bit behind writing my daybook. Doesn’t matter, the safari was just to busy to write as well as my brain with processing all the experiences.

Short in short, despite seeing all the big cats in the afternoon on one single game drive my personal favorit of this magnificent day were the elephants with their play fight, very unique and memorable.

The day started of with an unlucky change of tyre which cost us the usualy magnificent colors of the heaven just before sunrise…

The lions we saw attempted to hunt but finally didn’t due to zebras giving alarm.

We therefore focused on seeing other things

Everyone always admires the fotos of a lion or a leopard, but who has ever tried to take a picture of a mungoe will admire this one, has cost me just a bit of patience
Topi with calf
Thomson gazelle

until we crossed the path of this two elephants drinking water and play fight, I could have watched them all day.

This was a moment to reverse…
Breakfast for four
Just saying hi 😁
This is my personal typical picture of Africa

We were already on the way back to camp for lunch when we spotted several vehicle o nthe other side of the plains – a leopard. Nolari again, hiding in thick bushes, her prey up, in a tree nearby. Unfortunately some cows with their very young Massai shepperd were closeby and on one hand endangered on the other putting pressure on this all to elusive cat and she disappeared I to thicker bushes taking her cub of whish we’ve only seen a flicking tail with her.

Alert by the hyena sniffing around
On the run…
And gone…
Tree with prey
Killed impala

Well, what shall I write about an afternoon like this, it was an absolute dream for every cat lover. Just outside of the camp we encountered the lions of Ilkisiusiu again.

All a bit sleepy and
Followed by a big yawn

First of all we drove back to Nolari, hoping to catch her climbing the tree, but with all the hyenas sniffing around the three with her prey on it, she wasn’t in the mood to climb.

No more pictures please
Hyena sniffing at the tree with the prey on it

In consens with all guests on the vehicle we decided to drive on and see what the drive had ready for us. And soon Dickson Losos eyes spotted a moving Cheetah. Unfortunately I’ve missed to photograph her moving but got her in the beautiful soft sunset light laying down. We all hoped to see her hunting, but with a hyena literally circling her, she refrained.


In an again democratic voting we all decided to try our luck again with the leopard, but the hyenas have chased her into the bushes and we finished off this exciting day wit a beautiful sunset and some storytelling at the campfire.

2 Gedanken zu „Naboisho Conservancy – Day 3 on safari – Elephant fight and cats afternoon“

  1. Hey Marietta
    Ich bin jedesmal auf neue beeindruckt von diesen Tieren. Die Elefanten sind wirklich goldig wie sie miteinander umgehen.
    Ihr hattet echt am Morgen früh eine Reifenpanne?! Das ist ja wie in Afrika-Romanen! 🤪
    Liebe Grüsse

    1. Hi Caro, naja Reifenpanne ist etwas zuviel gesagt, nur zuwenig Luft drin, dann schlingert das Fahrzeug. Aber ja, ist tatsächlich wie in den Romanen, inkl. Rückwärtsgang, wenn ein Elefant zu nahe kommt😁. Ich liebe Elefanten, die wirken meistens so friedfertig❤️. En liebe Gruess, Marietta

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