Naboisho Conservancy – Day 2 on safari

My second day in Naboisho started with another beautiful sunrise but also with fog in the dells, this time all alone on the safari vehicle.

There is hardly anything as magic as the sun rising over the African Savannah
Mist over the landscape

First sighting were two male lions from Molibany pride, majestic.

Still a bit tired…
What a hearty yawn
OK, end of the show, I go into the bushes, hiding
The second male of the pride

We spent the rest of the morning game drive taking ourself time to watch elephants and giraffes.

Crashing the bushes…
Feeding on this all to thorny acacia trees, unbelievable
Fighting or cuddling?
Hey!!! This naughty zebra photobombed my giraffe picture
OK, I admit I adore this cute a bit to hm… chubby striped animals

.. And some more…

Cute or ugly? Officially they belong to the ugly five, I think they are cute…
Impalas running
Grants Gazelle
Grants Gazelle not to confuse with the much smaller
Thomson Gazelle
Thomson Gazelle
Female Thommy
Thomson Gazelle
OK, to much cuteness isn’t good, let’s see one of the ugly five, the Gnu
Gnu or also Wildebeest
Cute or ugly? Officially the belong to the ugly five but I think they’re cute…
Well, maybe not cute in any pose…
Tawny eagle, majestic – no doubt here…
Bat eared foxes, defenitly cute, the first time I’ve seen them during daylight

Visitors at lunch time…

This cute rock hyrax lives in Eagle View Camp, they still try to convince me, it’s closely related to the elephant… Hm…?
OK I admit, this was our breakfast table not luch

For the afternoon I unfortunately got to say goodbye to my guide Edward who took some time off to visit his family, therefore we got a new guide Dickson and three more people on the vehicle. All of then for the first time on safari for which I really envy them. Safari is always exciting but the very first one is just magic and newbies tend to appreciate any sighting not only the very special and rare ones. The downside was that our new guide drove me almost crazy with giving information I’ve already heard dozens of times. I wouldn’t mind so much, cuz information is important, if he hadn’t chosen a spot just outside of the camp with no wildlife around, why not stop in a place with one of these beautifully mixed herds of zebras, gnus, Thompsons and Impalas and lecture us there for this half an hour?

Anyway, we got quickly lucky and found a schakal which was feeding on a baby impala, a fascinating sighting but also a bit sad because the mother was still nearby looking for her young.

The rest of the afternoon was rather quiet with a long drive trough Whistleblow thorn bushes with no wildlife around at all.

Strangely enough our guide was actually looking for a leopard… Luckily we suddenly spotted Molybany pride with its two lionesses and their eight cubs of different ages on a Rocky hill. Unfortunately they were neither in the mood to hunt nor to play and also a bit to far away, whish makes watching lions surprisingly boring.

Yep, not in the mood for hunting or playing…

We therefore proceeded to a safe place to take a sundowner and watch the beautiful sunset.

Just after returning to the camp a fierce thunder storm drove over the savannah and destroid my hopes of a refreshing drink at the camp fire this night.

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