Byebye Naboisho – hello Diani Beach

It’s time for a last game drive and then time to say goodbye to my beloved Masai Mara.

Olormorijo pride
OK, show’s over…
Lilac breasted roller

A special thank you goes to all the staff of Basecamp Explorer Eagle View which made my stay in the Mara so memorable. And another one to the man who is responsible for all the amazing food we got to enjoy here.

Chef Benson proudly with some of his books which I will take home as souvenirs for some friends

Chef Benson, an amazing cook with a very inspiring story which he allowed me to share. Benson is a Massai as all staff here and has grown up in the region. His career in tourism started of as an Askari (security man), but his interest onto cooking brought him into kitchen, first for cleaning duties, then peeling and cutting vegetables but son started to cook himself. By now this successful Maasai has become a fully educated chef and has been trained in Italy, Zürich and Oslo. His food is great but moreso is his intention to give something back to the community. To do so he’s written a cook book and all proceeds from the sale go into education of young Maasai who get a chance to attend an 18 month training to become a chef themselfs. Benson has become a dear friend and I very much admire his self made success and his intention to give other people a chance to do the same by investing into their education.

Breakfast with a view and home made granola❤️. Benson, I need this recipe!
Chicken in coconut
Fresh salad, all grown in the garden next to Eagle View
Vegetable fritata, honestly one of the best dishes I’ve ever eaten at Eagle View, everyone around was crazy about it
Lovely decorated soup

A long 2.5 hours flight brought me down to the coast.

Typical Airstrip in the Mara with safari vehicles waiting for their arriving or leaving guests
Wetlands in Amboselli

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