Naboisho Conservancy – Day 1 on safari means endless lions

After a long night in the airplane with hardly any sleep, an inland flight with a Cessna and a full day on game drives I’ve slept like a baby and honestly getting up before 6 a.m on vacation isn’t my favorite thing to do, but… Yea, there is always a but… This sunrise compensate for the lack of sleep.

And the following drama even more. When the three lioness of the by far to small Enisikiria pride showed up just I nfront of our camp, they looked very hungry and seemed to be on a mission.

However, just closeby was a male lion if the Ilkisiusiu pride feeding on a zebra.

When the three lioness from Enisikiria came closer my guide smelled troubles and we left the anyway to crowed kill in order to see, if there is a territorial fight to be started. And indeed, I swear I’ve never ever heard such a scary lions roaring like when the lionesses from Ilkisiusiu followed the feeling Enisikiria lionesses.

All this before sunrise
With all this drama the zebras had to flee…

Unluckily the ran into three young lions from Sanpanguare pride, meaning more roaring, fighting and running, there was just a bit of action and drama this morning.

Girls from Sanpanguare Pride
Lions chasing each other

After all this excitement we’ve earned ourselfs a nice bush breakfast. Unfortunately my guide sent me back into the vehicle because a to close coming elephant bull made him nervous.

Breakfast table
Red headed lizard
Weaver bird
Marabu Stork
Egyptian Geese
Water buck

On the way back to the camp for lunch we passed again Ilkisiusiu Pride which interestingwise hadn’t finished off this por zebra. The subadult male lying in the shade of a bush just along the road was to funny to watch he was so bothered by flies that he downright jumped madly around.

View from Eagle View Camp
View from Eagle View Camp
View from Eagle View Camp
Visitor at lunch time

What shall follow after a morning full of lions? Right, more lions. Ilkisiusiu Pride was still feeding when we left the camp.

After this it was time for something else, therefore we welcomed to watch a group of elephants as well as a big heard of buffalos afterwards.

Thomson Gazelle
Leopard Turtoise

But what’s a sundowner without lions…

After this all to exciting day we managed it just into camp before the storm arrived, literally a storm.

2 Gedanken zu „Naboisho Conservancy – Day 1 on safari means endless lions“

  1. Hey Marietta
    Diese Bilder sind einfach Wahnsinn – unglaublich! So viele Tiere an einem Tag – und der kitschige Sonnenaufgang… es lohnt sich manchmal wirklich früh aufzustehen.
    Wünsche Dir weiterhin viele Tiere vor der Kamera (nicht ganz uneigennützig, ich geb’s zu) und freue mich schon auf den nächsten Blogeintrag.
    Geniess deine Safari!
    Liebe Grüsse

    1. Hi Caro, ja, die Safari war herrlich, hatten aber auch ausserordentlich viel Glück! Mittlerweile bin ich am Beach und freue mich auf einen faulen Tag, Safari ist anstrengend, lange Tage, immer unterwegs und die vielen Eindrücke… Vielleicht schaffe ich es jetzt auch, die restlichen Tage noch ‚zu Papier‘ zu bringen 🤗

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