Arriving at Naboisho Conservancy

Well since nowadays I’ve to fly to Kenya to drink a coffee with my mum I’ve decided to combine it with some days at Basecamp Eagle View, my currently favorite safari camp in Eastern Africa. After a rather stressful night flight to Nairobi and a luckily quiet inland flight

Nairobi Wilson Airport

I’ve arrived in Naboisho Conservancy which kind of feels like coming home. Already the drive from the Airstrip to Eagle View was an adventure. First thing that appeared was a giraffe with a one day old baby, to cute to be true.

Well no, that’s not the giraffe…
An no, this one neither…
But this is

Next just along the road was Leteipa a male cheetah laying lazy in the shade.

Eagle View camp with it’s stunning view over the Savanna is as beautiful as ever as well as the warm welcome.

Welcome soup😁
My tent
View from my bed

Afternoon started withe a big elephant bull breaking a big tree.

Afterwards we got to see a part of the over 30 head big Ilkisiusiu Pride with their cubs. Funny enough it was me who spotted them first, tapping proudly my shoulder cuz it’s very rare to spot an animal before you local guide does!

Right next to this sighting were lions feeding on a baby warthog whilst a naughty schakal was sneaking around trying to steal his prey and succeded😂.

Suddenly late in the day even after sunrise we got the chance to see a leopard, Nolari a beautiful female.

Nolari (Spot)
Sundowner with a Leopard and my guides Edward and Dickson

Well, one couldn’t wish more for a day in the Mara, except for a nice dinner, a cold drink, a nice camp fire and a good sleep.

Nashipai, my new Masai name means „Happy“ was given to me by the chef Benson

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