Masai Mara Reserve – Day 2

Compared to yesterday this day was an easy one.

Good morning

We got to see a female lion with her two cubs in the early morning, unfortunately after barely two minutes of hiding they disappeared in the bush and didn’t reappear again.

Right after only 200 meters away we saw a second female carrying one of her babies in her mouth straight to the bush as well.

Breakfast time
Zebras assembling for river crossing

During the day we’ve found some other things


as well as a nice group of elephants, which we enjoyed to watch playing around with their food.

Only on the afternoon drive we got to see another lion, nicely posing on top of a termite mound.

Very special for this usually arid climate are all the blooming flowers, which will massively grow in numbers as longer as the rainfalls last.

Late in the afternoon, just before sunrise we tried our chances again with the two lioness with the cubs, unfortunately for nothing…

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  1. Me encantan las fotos de los elefantes… y las del impala por supuesto también. Bueno, para ser sincera, me gustan todas las fotos que vas compartiendo ☺️.
    Y me ha divertido ver a Markus desayunando con su manta roja, a juego con los indígenas.
    Un abrazo, Carolina

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