Masai Mara Reserve – Day 1

Whilst being on safari and seeing all this exciting animals you should never forget how important good light is to take a nice photo. This giraffe didn’t move one step, it’s just us changing the position…


Even though the afternoon drive of our arrival day was rather an easy one we still got to see some lovely things

Lilac breasted roller
Female austrich
Male austrich
Male Impala

as well as a spectacular African Python and some guys you better not make angry.

In the evening rather than starring on their mobile phones people spend the time sitting at the bonfire and chat about God, the world and a lot about culture.

A completely different thing was our first day. The morning drive started with a spectacular sunrise.

Followed by some lions who had just finished their morning meal, only some jackals were still nibbling on something.

Directly after and just before breakfast

we’ve found my big highlight, Imani with her four cubs of about 5 weeks, all playing around in the bush; absolutely impossible to photograph, but great to watch.

Afterwards we decided to go into Talek Area to try our chances with the five brothers, the five musketeers or the Tano Bora, the special five as the locals call these five cheetah brothers who are ruling the Mara. With the flooded roads and the impossible river crossing we unfortunately had to leave the park, drive through Talek and reenter through Talek Gate.

Hard Rock Cafe Talek 😉

Since these famous Cheetahs were seen earlier the day we knew which area to search and found them almost immediately, unfortunately sneaked deeply into the shade of some bushes.

Ah, with so much excitement in such a short time I almost forgot the two male lions, Kaka and his brother, who were lying in the shade.

Next stop was a bushy area next to a river. Searching around Paschar, the Askari from our camp, who joined our drives in addition to our guide suddenly leand wide out of the window, almost crawling into a bush, where he’s spotted a half eaten prey, the prove that there was a predetor around. Having enough patience to seek even when everyone else (well, the one other car) left, we’ve spotted the most elusive cat of the Mara on the other side of the river, a leopard, Luluka with her two month old cub.. The were playing around, drinking and tried to cross the river bed in one jump, which caused the cub an unwanted bath. Afterwards, the mom laid down in the shade whilst the sweet fur ball showed some acrobatics by climbing a dead branch, going further to thin branches and sliding or falling down, just to start the whole game anew. A sighting to die for.

Starting to climb up
Yeah, a quick rest
Further out to the branches
And down

Well, it has been an unexpected long and spontaneous day with a skipped lunch and so we decided to head back to the camp to give our brains time to digest this unbelievable amazing day!

4 Gedanken zu „Masai Mara Reserve – Day 1“

  1. So schöni Bilder😍. Häsch ä mega objektiv oder gosch so nöch🤔 wünsche eu no ä schöni Ziit und gnüssets. Grüessli Marlene

    1. Danke, beides🤩. Hüfig sind d’Tier nur es paar Meter entfernt, für Portraits bruchsch aber scho es ziemlich Spannerobjektiv, I ha glatt 600mm debi.. Und immer 2 Kameras wili doch immer eini zu Schrott mach 😳. Danke, sind mittlerweile am Beach, bi nur no d’Blogs am noschribe, wili im Mara kei Internet ka ha… Jetzt Gömmer denn gad mit de Mama go Zmittag ässe… En liebe Gruess Marietta

  2. I schlüss mi aa – Hammer Bilder!!! Da vom Objektiv han i mi au scho gfroget – 600mm – so eis hett i au gärn ☺️.
    Gäll d’Imani isch die Cheeta wo er scho bi Euerem Volontariat im April 2018 beobachtet händ. I ha grad di alte Bricht nomol duregläse wil mer de Name bekannt vorcho isch. Ihr händ damols ire zweite Wurf beobachtet und eu wärs irem Hang zu Flussdurquärige Sorge um Iris Junge gmacht. Hät si da jetzt im Griff?
    Es mues scho cool si die damols beobachtete “Tierli” wider z’gseh!

    1. Hm, isch nur es fests, für d’Spiegelreflex hani au nur 300. S’ander isch e Panasonic Lumix fz300, I lieb die Kamera und zum Glück isch sie nöd emol soooo tür… Adlerauge, ja, isch dieselbe Cheetah, aktuell isch sie wiit vom Fluss weg, aber im Mara häts grägnet und s’Gras wird hoch, gleichzeitig isch d’Migration vode Gnus und Zebras scho wieder über de Mara River Richtig Serengeti, d.h. Es frisst niemer das hohe Gras, das macht jage für e Cheetah sehr schwierig, die hönd lieber kurzes Gras, wos ihre Geschwindigkeit könd us spiele, mol abwarte…. En liebe Gruess, Marietta

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