Masai Mara Reserve – Day 3

Jaja, I admit, noone really likes full day game drives because of the midday heat and the hiding cats, but after the two easy drives of yesterday and with the more than muddy roads

around our camp we just waste to much time when driving back to the camp at lunch time and anyway, it’s not all about cats only, there is so much more to see. So, we decided to go for it and at the end of the day, it proved to be the right desicion. It must have been international lions meeting day, cuz we’ve seen a total of 9 lions close up and even more at a bit of a distance. We got it all, sleeping, sitting, walking, drinking, mating…

OK, not a lion, but look at this brave little guy
Scary situation for the Topi
Lucky Topi, the lion had other things on his mind…
Preparing to mste

There aren’t many things as impressing as watching these gentle giants.

Uuos, too close…
Well, not always gentle

In the morning we’ve also found a walking Cheetah, amazing, seeing this elegant predator on the move.

But my personal highlight were the bathing elefants, I could have watched them for hours…

And after lunch at the mighty Mara River with Crocks,

Zebras attempting to cross the river
Crocks feeding on a Zebra

completely unexpected for the time of the day, we’ve spotted another two Cheetahs, male this time.

Who has ever told, that Hyenas aren’t cute?

4 weeks old puppy

And at the end of the day we got to watch my all time favorites 🙂

And more…

2 Gedanken zu „Masai Mara Reserve – Day 3“

  1. Hey Marietta, i bi so Fan vo dine Bilder! Die Löwin bim trinke, oder d’Elefante bim us em Wasser stiege, d’Cheeta bim chlättere,… i cha mi nö entscheide weles mer am beschte gfallt. 😍
    Liebi Grüessli,

    1. Ganz ehrlich, I au nöd, aber sobald Jungtier ume sind, herrscht immer Action, egal öb Katze oder Elefante. Elefante sind halt scho no sauidrücklich! En liebe Gruess Marietta

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