Australia – off towards Great Ocean Road (Surfers Coast)

Usually we prefer the Outback here in Australia, but with some Asian countries still locked for traveling we hope that the Great Ocean Road might for once not be crowded. Meaning we have to leave Philipp Island, drive via Mornington Peninsula and take the ferry

to the lovely colonial town Queenscliff.

With some stops along the shore

Lighthouse at Logsdale

we head to Torquay surfers paradise and

Therefore the surfers coast, first stop Winki Pop further on to Addis Point.

The Lighthouse in Aireys Inlet is just beautiful and most important, we got the first sweaty day!

Little Penguin

For the night we head deeper into Great Otway Nationalpark.

Markus was collecting some wood at the beach and I wondered, why he didn’t use the IKEA bag we’ve brought for this purpose. Well, he loaded a whole 3 meter log into our camper, what a laugh. After having an almost crash with a Kangaroo, luckily we were driving slowly, we’ve earned ourself a cold beer, a nice camp fire, perfect steaks and some wildlife. Finally we’ve arrived in Australia😀

First the work
Then the fire
Then the beer
And finally the steaks
Having a good scratch
Possum with a baby
I’ve got a new driver!

Anyway, recently we’re becoming bird lovers, especially during a walk along distillery creek, and no the distillery itself is closed…what a pitty… But all the flowers blooming here in spring are lovely, so is the not home cooked lunch, grins.

Lunchbreak to rearrange travel plans.

Moggs Creek was a bit boring with exception of this beautiful Kookaboora.

Markus decided to throw my travel plan over board and sacrifice his beloved beach day in Lorne in favor of another night at Hammond Rd Campground with a campfire, it’s still to cold to sit outside at nighttime without the fire. Just upon arriving were our kangaroos again, even showing off his Joey. The possums didn’t show again, but the late evening was full of koala rutting calls up high in the trees.

Taking a sunbath
Showing off
Brünftiger Koala

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