All about stripes in the Serengeti

I damit I just adore this funny striped animals. The zebras with their to short legs, their to round bottom and accurate stripes are just to funny. They appear in big groups and as soon as a vehicle comes closer they always start running, stopp short after and turn aound ti stare at me. Unfortunately inly as long until I focus with my camera, this leads to a hundert of such fotos…

Teasing to the right
Teasing to the left
No foto please
Is there at least one looking?

Now and then I get lucky 🙂


But a really great sighting was seeing them going for a drink at the waterwhole.

Since they are really vulnerable whilst drinking it’s a skittish thing, they keep lifting and lowering their heads and even run of and return.

Running away
Carefully coming back

However, no idea how they can stand the smell of the Hippo poop in the pool. I personally wouldn’t enter this water for a million and even less drink it.

Ein Gedanke zu „All about stripes in the Serengeti“

  1. Hey Marietta,
    Auf deinen Fotos scheinen die Zebras 🦓 alle das gleiche Streifenmuster zu tragen – ist das generell so, oder gibt es verschiedene Streifenmuster?
    Ich liebe Hippos 🦛😍 – diese riesigen Mäuler mit Stummelzähnen sind einfach faszinierend. Ich wusste gar nicht dass diese süßen “Tierchen” in solchen Massen auftreten… beeindruckend.
    Liebe Grüsse, Caro

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