The ugly fellows in the Serengeti

There are some animals every tourist wants to see and the famous expression „the big five“ doesn’t really help. Originally meant for the 5 most difficult to hunt and kill the animals nowadays everyone seems to aim to see them on a safari, and not only the tourists but also the guests, lots of pressure for everyone. But, let’s talk about other interesting things like the hyanas. At the latest since „Lion King“ everyone thinks the are ugly and mean. But they are kind of the cleaners of the Savanna, imagine the stink if hyanas and vultures wouldn’t finish of the prey of the cute furry hunters like lions, Cheetahs and leopards.

Yea, not the most elegant frame…
Getting rid of this bone
Cooling mud bath
But still kind of cute

And see them with their puppies…

Still hiding
Mother love
Carrying around a baby

Well, after the hyanas it’s usually the task of the vultures to finish off, amazing birds when it comes to size.

Not a vulture but a Marabu Stork

No idea why the wharthogs belong to the ugly five. I personally find them cute, especially the young ones.

You don’t want to mess with this one
Foto bomb
After the mud bath

OK, I admit the Gnu isn’t the most elegant animal in the Serengeti. However, Noone can deny that the mass of these fellows during migration is just impressive. Even I was stunned and these herds currently in Central Serengeti is only the beginning of the yearly wandering of over 1.3 million of gnus over more than 1000 km south to the plains where they head for besser meadows and for calving in February.

On the run

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  1. Hey Marietta
    Die Art und Weise, wie die Hyäne ihr Junges transportiert macht sie aber auch nicht sympathischer… das arme Kleine!
    Da ist mir das Warzenschwein definitiv sympathischer – bin ja gar nicht vom König der Löwen Film beeinflusst. Und die Geier sind sowieso sowas von cool… der eine auf dem Foto sieht ja aus wie wenn er Hosen anhätte.
    Liebe Grüsse

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