Dots after stripes – Cheetahs in the Serengeti

Even being for severak days on safari we haven’t seen to many dotted cats. No leopard at all and only 3 Cheetahs. Well, with our guide trying to cut all game drives short we were a bit unlucky anyway. I already assumed we got not the best guide in the Serengeti, when he suggested 8 as a starting time for the first morning instead of the usual sunrise time. I just looked slightly shocked at him and insisted on leaving at the first daylight…

However, our first cheetah appeared in the hottest time of the day, sulking in the shade of a tree and not showing much of movements.

Paparazzi Markus

The second sighting was far more interesting. Two Cheetahs under a tree in the later afternoon.

Luckily we insisted not being Chineese tourists who want to stay at an animal for the time of one picture only but rather take our time to watch. Furthermore, there was a lonely Thomson gazelle just across the road. And amazingly they started their hung, seeking camouflage behind our vehicle, neaking closer and without any chase or attempt to run off they caught their prey. Crual, but nature and rather exciting to watch.

Geting up
Get on the move
Looking determinded
Towards our vehicle
Use our car as camouflage
Start to approach the prey
Start to run and Thomson still sitting clueless, only horns visible
Last meter
Cahght it
Death bite
Digging in
None else around?
Moving the prey
After the Cheetahs have finished, it’s time for the hyanas and vultures

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