Last day on safari in Naibosho Conservancy and bye bye Africa

So far I’ve had an amazing safari and basically seen everything one can whish for. Funny enough, we’ve found more different male lions than female, very unusual. Therefore, today’s plan was seeking for a different prude of lions. First try led us next to Hemingways where Derrick found some tracks. Following them we stumbled oder three lioness with thick and full belly laying lazy in the shade with no intention to move. It’s hard to believe how boring this cats can be, when they just sleep….

But easy, my dream was anyway, to be able to find Ilkisiusiu Pride, which had been my fav during my volunteering stay some time ago. It used to be a big pride with many curious and naughty half adults which had a tendency to snack on safari vehicles, causing us often to laugh. Knowing that this pride has splitted in the meantime makes me a bit sad but also knowing that there are tiny cubs around again the opposite. Well, it should not be, on the way we’ve found a male lion mating with his female whilst a second male was watching peacefully. Poor lions, for them quantity seems to be more important than quality, every 15 minutes they were ready for another round… This was another stunning situation and we used the time between the rounds to have breakfast; breakfast with lions!

End of the show

But with all the excitement about the lions, never forget my favorites:

Along the river we found a beautiful herd of batchelor Impalas and later on some buffalos.

Not buffalos but a beautiful setting

After lunch we were off again to search for Ilkisiusiu Pride again, but I must be jinxed we first found two males again, absolutely impossible…

Only late in the afternoon we finally succeeded, four lionesses with eight cubs, all awake, drinking milk or playing around…


On my last evening I unfortunately became so sick, that I’ve spent all night hanging over the toilet. Not even the lions next morning could stop my need to hop of the car and… Therfore we rather quickly called it a day said a final goodbye to anything being on the road and returned to camp…

The trip back home was a bit of a nightmare, first they’ve changed the air strip and my plane left earlier than scheduled so I just catches it, then this flight took 2 instead of 1 hour, then the 15 minutes transfer to Nairobi Intl. Airport took 2 hours due to road construction and upon arrival the whole airport was closed for an hour for desinfection… Funy enough, people waiting were nicely tanding on the 1.5m social distancing spots, very diszipined.

After having spent 10 days in Kenya I can only tell, that I’ve never felt unsafe, people there are very cautious and really happy about every tourist, that visits this beautiful country. If any of my friends need a recommendation for a safari camp in the Mara region, I can only recommend „Basecamp Explorer“ especially Eagle View in Naboisho Conservancy, not only because the location is beautiful and the sightings are great but also for all the community work regarding improvements of the work possibilities and education of the local Maasai people this camps are supporting.

Ein Gedanke zu „Last day on safari in Naibosho Conservancy and bye bye Africa“

  1. Hey Marietta,
    Schade ist deine Reise schon zu Ende. Ich dachte beim lesen der Berichte über die ersten 2 Tage Safari darüber nach, ob du nun auf dieser Reise vielleicht dieselben Tiere siehst, die du schon 2018 beobachten durftest, und nun hast du diese Frage schon im Bericht über den letzten Safaritag beantwortet.
    Wie schade, dass du am letzten Abend krank warst – so ein Pech.
    Ich habe die Berichte wie immer mit Freuden gelesen und bin in Gedanken auf Reisen gegangen. War wirklich schön mit dir auf Safari zu gehen!
    Ich freue mich jetzt schon auf deine nächste Reise 😇.
    Liebe Grüsse, Caro

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