Safely arrived in Kenia

After an unusual quiet 7 hours flight we arrived in Nairobi, where George our driver was already waiting for us. After just 5 minutes of driving I casually asked Markus: „where do you have the camera bag?“. Shock Moment! We’ve left it in the aircraft… Although we turned immediately and with lots of begging the security even let us pass to the arrival section again, we were late, the maschine has already tsken off again, next destination Daressalam; meaning bye bye camera no 3 on this extended trip.

We then wanted to wait for about 20 minites for another volunteer to arrive. I guess they were african 20 minutes because after 2 hours we left without finding her and drove to our accommodation for the night. The next morning we were suposed to leave for the project, another 5 to 6 hours drive, at 6.30 according the paperwork we’ve received from the project in advance, at 9 to 9.30 according the i formation George gave us and 8.30 according the project manager of the Limuri Project where we’ve spent the night. African timing, we finally were picked up and left some time after 9 a.m.

When we arrived yesterday it was alreday dark and we haven’t seen much anymore. Driving trough the city in the morning the daylight showed us once again how shockingly poor some people in Kenia are, the view over the landscape how rich the land is.

After 5 hours drive we reached the Naboishi Conservatory, quickly changed vehicle, visited the amazingly colorful local Massai market which takes place every monday and started the short drive to our camp.

Even on the short 15 minutes drive to our camp we’ve seen some warthogs, zebras, gnus, gazellas and giraffes.

River Crossing

The camp which will be our home for the next three weeks consists of two buildings containing dining room and volunteering doorms and showers (lucky we, we got a dorm for ourselfs!) and couple of tents for the staff.

Dining Room

Our work will mostly consists of animal counting and monitoring but details we’llonly learn tomorrow. For the moment it’s settling in, unpacking and sucking in the stunning view I have whilst writing the blog.




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