Mafia on tour or how my planned trip to Jordan ended up in Iceland

Some years ago I promised myself to explore every year at least one new country. This year’s adventure should take place in Jordan, I desperately wanted to see the famous town Petra. Well, so much for my plans which obviously became null and void somewhen in March when most countries worldwide initiated some lock downs and restricted immigration because of Corona.

Mid of July I’ve had already spent a whole half year in Switzerland, not having left the country for even one hour, spending weekends, holidays and all my leisure time wandering the forrest, lakes and walkpaths around my home until I could greet every squirrel and even most of the rocks by name. It was nice, no question, but also nothing exciting and I desperately missed it, to explore something new. Time has come to make travel plans again. Aim was to find a country that was safe for travelling and let us in without any risk of a quarantine, neither there nor here after returning back home. And here we are, Iceland with a PCR test for everybody entering the country and a second 5 days later is the place to be for us at the moment.

Immigration was no fun but 4 hours after landing, we’ve passed the Corona test, picked up our car, finalised check-in at the hotel, had a very quick glimpse to the Hallgrimms Church and sat in an excellent restaurant, proving all voices complaining about food in Iceland completely wrong.

Iceland greeted us with the expected chilly, windy and wet weather and didn’t disappoint with a lack of dark picturesc clouds.

The drive from Reykjavik up north was despite the lack of „travel book mentioned“ highlights a feast for my eyes and offered a great diversity of wild and rough landscapes. Especially the detour leaving the famous Circle Road to test our car on gravel road and get it a bit muddy proved some fun and stunning views over the fjord

Most probably the most friendly traffic light I’ve ever seen

all ending with my birthday dinner in a restaurant in Akureyri which I picked for it’s beautiful view over the harbor.

Only after dinner we’ve arrived at our home for the next week. Well, with this stunning view over the fjord to the mountains there is nothing to complain about.

Even tough, the first day up north was purely meant do relax, explore the city, drink coffee, eat chocolate cakes and do some grocery shopping we couldn’t resist to have at least a short glimpse to the closeby Gulfoss waterfall 😉

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  1. Hey Marietta,

    Freue mich, dass es mit der Einreise geklappt hat. Musstet ihr wirklich am Flughafen auf die Resultate des Coronatests warten um einreisen zu können? Boah, ein Resultat innert 4h, das geht da ja echt zackig im Vergleich zu was man hier bei uns so warten soll, wobei ich mir doch gut vorstellen kann, dass dich die 4 „verlorenen“ Stunden gereut haben.
    Tolle Bilder! Bin absoluter Fan von den Wasserfällen und dem Lichtsignal. Gut hab ich die neuen Einträge im Blog erst heute entdeckt, so kann ich gleich weiterlesen…

    Bis bald,

    1. Hi Caro, nein nein, durften ganz normal einreisen und das Resultat kam dann innert 24h, nach 4-6 Tagen mussten wir dann zum zweiten Test antraben, durften aber in der Zwischenzeit rumreisen, das ist jetzt nicht mehr der Fall, Island hat verschärft. Wir hatten nur so lange, weil vor uns noch ein anderes Flugzeug angekommen war und getestet werden musste, solange durften wir gar nicht aussteigen. Der Test an sich geht schnell, aber bei einem ganzen Flieger summiert es sich halt trotzdem, dafür fühlt man sich anschliessend im Land sehr sicher… Viel Spass beim Lesen und v.a. Fotos anschauen, Island ist fantastisch schön und Wasserfälle gibt überall, viele sieht man nur im vorbeifahren, in andern Ländern wären sie ein Highlight, dort alltäglich… En schöne Obig no, Marietta

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