We’re really looking forward visiting the old colonial town Penedo. Especially to seeing more people, having several choicees for dining and of course a good espresso in a nice cafe.


Well, already our start in Penedo proved us wrong. With horror we realised that I managed to book an accomodation in Penedo in a different region of the country, great job Marietta. Murphys law: no cafe, a restaurant with wifi but somehow no reception, a SIM card that couldn’t be activated due to lack of a brazilian id. Means, back to the old way: walk trough the city, read the travel book and pick something blindly. We finally settled in the Pousada Colonial, an old renovated colonial building with more charme than we wanted.

Igresia N S da Corrente

We were really looking forward to explore the city, go for a bit of shopping and sneak around the local market. Unfortunately everything and I mean everything closed around 5pm and the city looked just deserted like a ghost town.

Thr river shore proved itself to be the most beautiful place for sunset and dinner.

Strangely enough for such tropical countries the market was still closed around 10 am on a weekday…


Meat delivery

Igresia Sao Concalo Garcia

Convento N S dos Anjos

The reason why everything was closed? It’s carneval!

Sound machine

It’s a bit of a shame, because in the morning we discussed our further trip and decided wether to drive an extra 600 miles and visit Champa Diamantina despite Markus foot or take it slow and easy and stick to the coast. Since I was keen to visit this market and Markus was into lazy beach days, we’re going to save us the reroute and miss the landscape. Had we known that Penedo closed completely down for carneval we might have decided differently.

Finally, just before leaving…

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  1. Markus old memories come on, do you remember how you’ve been revamping old and news cars with big speakers 🔊 in Flawil?
    Your always laughs at the selfie. Remains positive and good look on your trip!
    Best wishes

    1. Markus never told me, now he just said that he never excelled like the guys here, it’s unbelievable what they pack into this small cars. If they want to move, they don’t have to turn on the engine, playing music with lots of base is enough to move the car😄.
      And yes, of course we’re smiling on pics, we’re on vacation😎. CU soon, Marietta

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