Weekend during our volunteering stage in Kenia

Well, it seems my call for weekend on Friday was a bit early.

There was a missundestanding and we still „had to“ go on an afternoon drive for cat monitoring covering the outer borders and „white spots“ of the Conservancy. We actually didn’t expect to see anything exciting, but I was just counting „one Impala“, when Fancis our driver stated „and one Leopard“; so calm, se first thought he was teasing us, but now, there were indeed two Leopards sitting or better hanging in a tree. We were really excited when they started to climb down, disapear in the bush and started to mate.

Carol, our project manager, could hardly believe that we were willing to spend money on additional game drives. Luckily Francis volunteered to drive on the weekend which made it much cheaper than joining the drives of the Safari Camp closeby. Leaving shortly after 6 for an early morning drive, we were welcomed by a stunning sunrise and a very handsome all dressed up in his Masai clothes driver.

In the most beautiful sunlight we’ve found a herd of buffalos



And later on to big male lions, Cesar II and Ron II.

Closeby then the Moniko pride!!! The cubs were still very playful, it was grat to watch them, but as soon as they started to suround our car, sniff at the tyres and pull at the coverage of the spare tyre, it was a bit scary.

Staring directly at me

In the evening we’ve treated ourselfs with a bit of luxury and enjoyed a great dinner at Encounter Mara, served outdoors with candle lights next to the camp fire.

And Sunday morning was our cultural morning. Since Markus hasn’t visited a Massai village bevore we did so. Visiting and joining the welcome, ladies and warrier dance was a special thing and we also got beautiful pictures of the Massai people in their colourful clothes. It’s amazing how they were able to keep their traditions alive and still live amongst their own culture.

Women walking over to perform the welcome dance

Warrier dance; danced bevor hunting a lion

Starting a fire

Fireplace inside the house


Current view whilst waiting for the weekend blog to be finished.

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