Diani Beach

After four beautiful but also exhausting days on safari I’m now looking forward to four lazy days at the beach. Well, this was actually the main reason to fly to Kenia, to have coffee with my Mama, who has been staying here since half a year now.

Coffee time, well vin o’clock to

Well, the weather welcomed me with an unusual chill and clouds.

Hairdo by wind

Not to bad actually, a reason to go to bed early. I didn’t get all that much sleep the lasts nights on safari with all the wildlife around anyway. Said and done and kept awake all night by an extended frog concert. Who could have imagined that such small animals can cause such a noise…

Anyway, who hat thought there is so much wildlife around the beaches….

Also the next morning presented himself with a very, hm,  let’s say fotographicwise interesting sky rather than the expected boring blue.

Breakfast with a view – the healthy part
Breakfast with a view – the part when the friendly staff can’t believe that the fruits are enough

Anyway, in Kenya eating and drinking is a very important part of life, so that’s what we did, eating and enjoying the food…

Lunch at Asha Bistro
Sailfish carpaccio
Grilled sailfish
Seared tuna at Nomad
Drinks at Nomad
Nomad restaurant
View from Nomad restaurant
My favoride Cafe in Diani – Kokkos Cafe
Mama with a  latte macchiato and the Kenyan amount of sugar…
Kuku Masala at African Pot Diani – the most amazing dish during this stay in Kenia, but this one comes with a little dtory….

Friday night is barbeque night at my hotel, meaning many outdoor guests will join the barbeque buffet, time to flee for me. I got a tip that African Pot served delicious african food. Therefore, I hopped in a Tucktuck and the funny trip started, first he got lost on the 2 km trip to the restaurant and asked me, „do you know the way“. Well, me being the stupid tourist I of course didn’t know the way, just the aproximate location. Then he stoped to pick up two other guests, two Maasai women squeesing in. Immediately startung a conversation they if course had some bracelets to sekl with them. What shall I say, they were friendly, the price reasonsble and I had to buy one… A typical african experience, never boring.

Tuktuk driver
Driving along the Diani Beach roaf
Sunset ove town
Spontanous purchase from my „maasai ride mates“
Finally arrived and having a cold beer

Besides food the main attraction here in Diani are the sunrises and the pristneg white beaches.

Using the pool instead for swimming for beautiful sunrise shots
A cloudy and later in even rainy sunrise
My last sunrise in Kenya
Unfortunately due to deason, current and tides there is currently to much seaweed in front of my hotel
Luckily only couple of hunderts if meters south it’s gone and the beach reminds of a tropical paradise

This place, meaning a hamac somewhere at a beach under palmtrees is just the perfect spot to finish the last blog of my short trip to Kenya.

Last sunrise at the beach

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