NgoroNgoro to Asanja Camp Serengeti

The drive along the crater rim and on to the Serengeti entrance gate is long and tiring, but beautiful.

The viewpoint at the entrance gate provides a magnificent view over the Serengeti plains. The Maasai word Siringit means endless land, this view makes clear why.

Along he main road into the Serengeti we already see our first lions.

The second pride of lions shows at a rather unusual compilation, seeking shade in the shadow of a safari vehicle.

Although I’m not a big fan of such unnatural behavior, it’s fun to watch them and even funnier as two days later it happened to us as well.

Walking towards us
Taking a rest in the shade of the vehicle
Staring at me

I just love the reception at our camp Asanja, which means ‚lovers‘ .

Then getting the Enkiama tent had Markus shocked more than a bit. The Maasai word Enkiama stands for one of the Maasai ceremonies, the wedding ceremonie🤭.

Tent in a safari camp

I admit the nights in the Serengeti are romantic, all this stars and then a bonfire at night.

Dinner table
Ole tending the fire

OK, the romantic kind of ended with a very entertaining night with Gnus snorting and running around, lions roaring and hyanas lauthing. In the morning we’ve found a lion kill just about 50 meters in front of our tent. This was probably the first time no the second I’ve ever felt slightly scared walking around in Africa’s Savanna bit with 4 lions, 13 hyanas, a dead gnu and one Massai right in front of our tent, we got slightly nervous…

Guarding the prey
Marabou stork ready to finish of any remaings
Inspecting the prey
Typical lunch in the Serengeti, unfortunately not in the wild anymore but in designated picknick areas for safety reasons
Red billed hornbill
Feeding his mate

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    1. Dankeschön, mir gnüssinds, isch grad herrlich do, wenn au sauwarm und schweissig😆, sind ein Tag in Stone Town für Shopping, bevors an Strand goht, en liebe Gruess, Marietta

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