Bye bye Costa Rica and back home

Last coffee in Costa Rica

Wow, two weeks ago we left a snowy Switzerland behind us and now two fantastic weeks later we’re returning into snow again.

Back home

Funny enough we were completely shocked about the lax controls regarding the Covid test and the immigration contact form at the Swiss border. Well, lax control means actually NO control at all even coughing people weren’t asked to show their test results. We traveled during the whole lockdowns over the last 12 months to Iceland, twice to Kenya and now to Costa Rica. All these countries have much lower number of cases than we do, but much harder boarder control and less restrictions, BUT people there are smart enough to follow these restrictions. In none of these countries you’d have any chance to enter a shop, a restaurant or a hotel without cleaning your hands before, here at home my wild guess would be that only about 10% of the people do so. You also don’t have general mask obligations in public places like here in the city centers, but people use them whenever they have contact with foreigners, meaning at a reception desk, ordering food, paying a bill, entering a bus or during a taxi ride, entrance at a national park or just when crossing a bigger group of people and so on… Restaurants are not closed but guests are limited and striktly controlled by the police whilst here we had a mess last late summer with really crowded restaurants, bars and clubs and therfore had to close down everything again…

Using ones brain might have helped to prevent at least part of the deaths and business shut downs.

A bit of excersise after a long flight

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