Our last week volunteering in Kenya with African Impact

Just in case someone thinks we are just being on a vacation you’ll find below our busy timetable as well as the additional tasks and a map of our location.

Outdoor amenities

Yes, we live in the bush…

Quizz with the students at Koiyaki Guiding School

Students wearing their traditional Massai cloths which the also use as a uniform for guiding as well as for attending school

Student showimg us a bird, which was caught in the washrooms

Time to relax

Afternoon means Cat monitoring, we’re already curious about what we are gonna see. Well, currently we are not sure, if we can go at all. Because of the heavy rains over the last days the river at the entrance of the conservancy is swollen and our vehicel unfortunately stands on the other side. And for any reason Francis isn’t keen on doing cat monitoring on foot😉.

Since the rain didn’t really stop on Monday we only could go out again on Tuesday morning for game counts. Umfortunately half way trough we got stuck and had to call for help to pull us out.

In the meantime we just finalised our task on foot.

Baby Gnu

We might not be happy about the rain, but for the people here and the land rain means life. And it’s beutiful to see the whole landscape green and lush and the savannah covered with thousands of tiny flowers.

Before heading out for the afternoon Cat Monitoring drive we have a bit of time to chill at eagle view and enjoy the stunning view and wildlife there.

Well, it wasn’t our luckiest drive with no cats showing at all. But we finally got a stunning sunset.

Wednesday morning was weeding again, we try to get rid of some invasive plants. And since this wasn’t enough workout, Francis asked us to help car washing. Which means driving to the river just outside of the Cinservancy gate, park the car in the eiver and throw dozends of buckets of water at it to get rid of all the mud.

On our way back for lunch we met a small elephant family with their about 4 month old baby.

And just at the river crossing where we fixed the pothole two weeks sgo we stumbeld over some giraffes.

What, I’m hungry!

For our cat monitoring drive in the afternoon we got the task to finde the „long lost“ Sampu Enkare lion pride which hasn’t been seen for roughly three weeks. But as it’s often the casewhen you’re trying really hard to find something, it just doesn’t want to appear. But we had a beautiful view over mixed herds of grasing animals as well as a while bunch of elephants.

Enough – no more photos please!

Well, it seems not to be our week, no cats so far and just after sunset we had another break down of our car, this time it was the shock. Unfortunately our jack didn’t work and we had to wait for backpu from the guiding school – all in the dark with the laughter of hyenas around, exciting and a bit scary at the same time. However, the guys finally fixed it and back in the camp Ben was waiting with shepperds pie for us.

It’s Thursday moring and we’d just stsrted our olain counts, when I suddenly spotted two unfamiliar shaoes in the far distance. Using my binoculars I could confirm: “ two lions“. Here we go, not looking for them we’ve found the hiding two lionesses with their four cubs of the Sampu Enkare pride, what a great start into the day!

Otherwise we’ve seen many old friends which we intend to send back home, since spring has begun…

Lateron we counted way more cattle than wildlife…

In the afternoon we had cat monitoring on the plan. Unfortunately we only fount this lioness who seemd to be heavy pregnant and to lazy ortired to hunt even with a whole herd of wildebeast passing only about 30m in front of her.

Well, if the cats don’t want to appear, we just watch at everything else and hope to see more interesting animals on the weekend. We’ve decided to go on additional game drives on saturday and sunday morning before leaving Kenya on Monday and head over to Zanzibar for a few lazy days on the beach.

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