Paje – Zanzibar

Sitting on this beautifully located swing, listening to the ocean and writing my day book, I feel completely relaxed and happy with the world.

After two hard but exciting days with lots of laughter in Stone Town we’ve arrived at the white powdery sandy beach of Paje. Regarding laughter, my niece whom I’m exceptionally travel with this time brought back some memories, of another trip back in 2000somewhen to Zanzibar when Markus at the Airport suddenly realised, that he was traveling with an empty wallet and therefore without any cash card at all. As a funny result he had to be exceptionally nice to me for the following weeks.. . Well, my niece has some banking cards with her, but none if them seems to communicate well with african ATMs, which is quite funny, at least for me… This regularily leads to the exclamation „Lieblingstanti…“making me almost feel like a mum looking after her chicks; new experience😂.

However, Paje was just the right choice for us. The accommodation though rather basic is beautifully located directly at the beach and in the center of Paje.

View from the Skybar to the resort
My bungalow
Breakfast with a view

Still considered a local beach, Paje has developed quite a bit over the last few years and established itself as a Kite surfing spot. There are some really nice bars and restaurants to be found and we finally got to have our first drink on the island. Well due to  the island being muslimic there are few places licensed to serve alcohol, but more important the fresh fruit juices are just too tasty to be replaced by boring alcoholic drinks.

Otherwise, despite the strong tides the beach and sea look beautiful at any daytime. Actually perfect if one manages to ignore the nagging beach boys.

Local fishing boat surrounded by kites
Keen on a jetski ride…
Fruit delivery
Fisherman with a stingray

Hm, it’s the sunrise side of the island, and yes, I got one…

The sunset can only be seen from the fancy Skybar or trough palm trees.

The village itself is not much more than some dusty roads but to be fair and honest, until now we only drove trough and didn’t really explore it. The windy beach is by far more attactive than the hot and dusty roads and, after two days wandering trough busy Stone Town my feet deserve a break….

Shops along the main road
Beach shop

2 Gedanken zu „Paje – Zanzibar“

  1. Wunderschöne Bilder!
    Für den Sonnenaufgang warst du ja schon vor dem Vogel bei der Schaukel… bist du dafür früh aufgestanden oder so spät ins Bett?

    1. Herrlich gell, der Sand ist dort echt puderfein und blendend weiss!!! Und ja, der Sonnenaufgang hat mir zwischend 6 und 7 a.m. direkt ins Bett geschienen, da bin ich jeweils für ein Foto und einen kurzen Strandspaziergang auf. Einerseits ist Zanzibar ist grundsätzlich nicht wirklich eine Partyinsel, nach 10 muss man doch eher vorsichtig sein, andererseits ist die Luft in den frühen Morgenstunden noch herrlich kühl und die aufdringlichen Händler noch nicht unterwegs, man hört nur das Meeresrauschen, herrlich! Naja, vermutlich werde ich einfach alt😳

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