Arriving at Naibosho Conservancy and 1st day on safari

The wilderness and endless width of Kenyas Savanna was calling and I’ve responded. Luckyly the flight to the Mara was unexpectedly smooth so I hadn’t to die of fear.

Arriving at Eagle View Camp felt almost like coming home. 3 years ago I’ve spent three weeks as a volunteer with African Impact next door and walked over from time to time to enjoy a bit of luxury, a chilled glass of white wine and of course the spectacular view.

Honestly, the view was the main reason for me to choose Basecamp Eagle View and Naibosho Conservancy rather than the Mara Reserve itself. And of course the fewer tourists as well as the possibility of off road driving here. Upon arrival I was greeted with a very warm welcome by the staff, especially since being the first international guest since ages… I’ve felt like a queen and immediately got informed that all staff was Covid tested and has being Covid trained, thus not the slightest insecure feeling regarding safety was left.

Being the only guest I got my own vehicle and Derrick, their head guide, as a guide. Whoever knows me, also knows I’m more of an night owl than an early bird. Well, being on Safari you have to get up well before sunrise in order to get a chance to see cats moving in the cool before the sun’s warming up the land. Some minutes after leaving the camp a bis male lion crossed our path, proving that it’s worth to get up early, what a start into the day.

This scar nosed guy is one of three brothers who have replaced the former four Rekero ruler and „taken over“ Naibosho. Shortly after three lionesses of the Enesikiria Pride with their six cubs showed up and we could watch them for ages walking and playing around.

Just before lunch we’ve seen three Cheetahs laying lazy in the sun right next to the road, Entito with her two cubs.

Since cats prefer the shade, they got up suddenly and walked over to the next tree to nap till sunset. We should only see them more Agile in the late afternoon.

We were already on the way back to the camp for lunch, when my eagle viewed guide spotted another male lion in the bush.

As any other tourist I’m of course keen to see the famous cats, but there is so much more to see…

But my heart belogns to the most elegant giraffes and the funny zebras.

Don’t think for a second that Africa’s Savanna consists of dust and dry grass only, there is also bushland, drinking wholes and rivers.

Sunset time is cats time, what an incredible day!

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  1. Hey Marietta,

    Boah, so coole Tiere! Ich liebe deine Fotos, kann mich absolut nicht entscheiden welches mir am besten gefällt… das Flusspferd 🦛 mit dem offenen Mund, oder eins der “Kätzchen” 🦁 oder doch die Giraffe 🦒? Mir gefallen alle 😍

    Liebe Grüsse,

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