Hanging in my hammock and listening to the rain drops falling I finally have the feeling of beeing arrived in Brazil…

Whilst the flight from Rio to Recife along the coast was stunning,

learning that our car reservation has been cancelled wasn’t. Well, with a bit of a discussion (and don’t expect for a minute that you’ll survive on english in Brazil… Luckily spanish works in most situations…), time and an unwanted upgrade we finally got our vehicle and made it trough the nightmare of the rush hour in the 1.6 million people city of Recife and are glad, we decided to stay in Olinda instead. On the first sight the path to our Posada looked a bit scary,

but our small and cosy accomodation is just lovely, the hosts realy friendly and helpful and the hammok on the veranda is overlooking the old town of Olinda towards Recife in the distance.

Olinda ist just lovely, all this old partly newly painted colonial buildings,

lots of churches

and tiny outside bars

All in combination with weird or stunning murals telling either political or carneval messages cause a great ambience which we dearly missed in Rio, we love it.

City of Olinda

Ah yes, even the mail boxes can be considered beeing art…

Food here definitely isn’t on the healthy side. Usually it’s loads of meat with sides of rice, patates, beans and – yes „and“ not „or“ – „maniok powder“. Well, we’re still strugling to figure out, how to eat this sawdust-looking and sawdust-tasting powder. There must be a trick to it, otherwise you wouldn’t get it just everywhere. Food is an everyday adventure here, with not really understanding the portuges menues and not knowing the dishes, I already managed to order „määh“…

And now, vamos a la playa or praia as they say in Brazil!

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  1. Hola Marietta,

    Ay, que risa!
    “Food is an everyday adventure here, with not really understanding the portuges menues and not knowing the dishes, I already managed to order „määh“…”
    Helfen beim Essen nicht mal die Spanischkenntnisse weiter?
    Mir gefallen diese farbenfrohen kleinen Häuschen und die Briefkästen, die sind der Hammer!

    Liebe Grüsse, Caro

    1. Hi Caro, beim Essen hilft Spanisch effektiv nicht viel, ausser arroz, carne und aqua passt nicht viel, laranja kann man noch ableiten, aber Frango wäre pollo, gelo ist hielo, und abacaxi ist pina… Dann gibts natürlich noch die lokalen Sachen wie farofa, was einfach nur Maniokmehl ist, tapioca eine Art Crepe oder Omelette, wobei der Teig wieder aus Maniok ist (schmeckt wie ungekochte Polenta…) und von der Frucht acerola habe ich noch nie gehört, schmeckt als succo aber himmlisch…Es bleibt also spannend 😳. Aber im Grossen und Ganzen kommt man mit Spanisch überraschend weit und mit Englisch gar niergends hin… En Gruess us Salvador

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